The aims of the English Language Education curriculum are:

  • to provide opportunities for the students to extend their knowledge and experience of foreign cultures of other people as well as opportunities for further studies and pleasure in the English medium,
  • to enable the students to prepare for the changing socio-economic demands, including the interpretation, use and production of materials for pleasure and study in the English medium, and
  • to develop the students’ positive attitude towards English and to maximize the students’ exposure to the language.

Learning Objectives

The learning objectives form the content of learning for the subject, embodying:

  • language forms and communicative functions,
  • language skills and language development strategies,
  • generic skills, and
  • positive values and attitudes.

English Activities

English Activities
  • Here are our star pupils who did a terrific job this year:

    Dictation Billboard

  • Our students had to walk around the school to find the clues, solve the riddles, search for the hidden QR codes and finish the missions.

  • Our students had great fun joining this quiz game in the hall and tested their knowledge on what they had learnt throughout the year.

    Activities Album

  • In order to broaden students’ worldwide perspectives and develop their linguistic and interpersonal skills, our school organised a 12-day study tour to New Zealand in June. Both English lessons and excursion visits were scheduled for the trip. Our students had an opportunity to attend different classes at a local school in New Zealand and immerse themselves in the English learning environment. Also, our students had several sightseeing trips to the famous tourist spots in Auckland. Students had learnt a lot about the New Zealand culture, which they could never get from books. Apart from lessons in the local school and the eye-opening visits, staying with local families was also a unique and incredible opportunity for our students. They had an opportunity to experience the life of local people and practice their oral English every day. This study tour was a treasurable and memorable experience for the students.

    Activities Album

  • Our P2 students were invited to join the readers’ theatre with Miss Helen. Stories and plays will be introduced to the students to create more opportunities for them to practise and enhance their reading and speaking skills.
  • Different kinds of language activities are held every week during recess. It allows the students to speak more in English and interact with Mrs Martin, Miss Helen, and our English ambassadors.

    Activities Album


  • Students' Good Work

  • Creative Writing

  • Chinese New Year Writing Competition